Introducing TinkerGuides: Your Campus Compass! 🌟

We wanted to assign a mentor/ guide for each campuses, every mentor will have a few campuses, mentors are core members of tinkerhub, who could help in shaping the campus especially on a philosophical level like why communities should exists or what differently we can do in each campus etc. mentors will connect with each campus team once in a month, to understand the ground realities and create that bond and trust. write a small letter to campus leads introducing this program

Excuse the (excitement ) of ChatGPT to create this note

Hey there, TinkerHub Campus Innovators!

We’re super excited to roll out our latest initiative - TinkerGuides! Imagine having a guiding star, a wise friend to help your campus shine even brighter. That’s what TinkerGuides are all about!

What’s a TinkerGuide? TinkerGuides are the heart and soul of TinkerHub, deeply rooted in our philosophy. They’re not just guides; they’re visionary thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and your biggest supporters. Each TinkerGuide will oversee a few campuses, infusing them with new ideas and perspectives.

Why TinkerGuides?

  • :compass: Guidance in Shaping Your Campus: They’ll help you explore the essence of community, brainstorm innovative programs, and nurture your campus’s unique culture.
  • :bulb: Designing Interventions: From philosophical insights to practical strategies, they’re here to help design interventions and programs tailored just for your campus.
  • :handshake: Building Bonds: Monthly meetings mean you’re never alone. TinkerGuides are here to understand your challenges, celebrate your successes, and journey with you every step of the way.

Together, We Grow! This is more than a mentorship; it’s a partnership. As you tinker, create, and innovate, your TinkerGuide will be right there with you, illuminating the path ahead.

Get ready to embark on an amazing journey with your TinkerGuide. Let’s make every campus a beacon of innovation and community spirit!

Stay Curious, Stay Connected, Team TinkerHub :rocket::dizzy:

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