Panel Discussion at the IEDC Summit 2023 October | "Micro SaaS: Enabling Student Makers to Build and Ship tiny internet products”


We propose a panel discussion for the IEDC Summit that focuses on the exciting and rapidly evolving world of Micro SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. This panel will inspire and educate young entrepreneurs, particularly students, on how they can create small-scale software applications and solutions to earn their first $100 and beyond. Micro SaaS is an emerging trend that presents tremendous opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, and this discussion aims to shed light on the strategies, tools, and success stories associated with this niche.

Panel Objectives

  1. Educate Students: Provide a comprehensive understanding of Micro SaaS and its relevance to student entrepreneurs.
  2. Inspire Innovation: Showcase real-world examples of successful student-built Micro SaaS solutions.
  3. Share Practical Insights: Share actionable strategies and tips for developing, marketing, and monetizing small applications.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Create a platform for students to connect with industry experts, potential collaborators, and investors.

Panel Composition

  1. Moderator: A seasoned entrepreneur or industry expert with experience in Micro SaaS, entrepreneurship, or technology trends.
  2. Student Entrepreneurs: 2-3 students who have successfully built and monetized their own Micro SaaS applications.
  3. Micro SaaS Expert: An industry expert with extensive knowledge of Micro SaaS trends, tools, and success stories.
  4. Investor/Incubator Representative: An investor or representative from an incubator/accelerator program specializing in supporting student entrepreneurs.

Discussion Topics

  1. Introduction to Micro SaaS: Defining Micro SaaS and its potential for student entrepreneurs.
  2. Success Stories: Real-life examples of students who have created and profited from Micro SaaS solutions.
  3. Building Micro SaaS: Tools, technologies, and resources available for students to develop small-scale applications.
  4. Monetization Strategies: Discussing various revenue models and marketing tactics suitable for Micro SaaS.
  5. Challenges and Solutions: Addressing common obstacles faced by student entrepreneurs and sharing ways to overcome them.
  6. Legal and Ethical Considerations: A brief overview of legal and ethical aspects associated with Micro SaaS ventures.
  7. The Future of Micro SaaS: Exploring emerging trends and opportunities in this dynamic space.

Panel Format

The panel discussion will be a 60-minute session, including 45 minutes of moderated discussion and 15 minutes for Q&A from the audience. Audience engagement will be encouraged through a dedicated Q&A session, and attendees can also submit questions in advance.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the world of Micro SaaS and its potential for student entrepreneurs.
  2. Students will be inspired and equipped with actionable knowledge to create their own Micro SaaS solutions.
  3. Increased networking opportunities for students, experts, and potential investors.
  4. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among young individuals.


This panel discussion on “Micro SaaS: Enabling Student Makers to Build and Ship tiny internet products” aligns perfectly with the IEDC Summit’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. It will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, inspiration, and networking, ultimately empowering young entrepreneurs to embark on their journey to create and profit from small-scale software solutions. We believe that this panel will be a valuable addition to the summit’s agenda and will contribute significantly to the development of student entrepreneurship.

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Meaningful and viable approach for students to startup.

Great initiative.

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Found this very interesting Instagram page around Micro SaaS