Full Time Developer opportunity in an Impact sector

Organisation Overview

Name of Organisation Centre for Social Justice

Location Ahmedabad

About the Organisation
Centre for Social Justice is a socio-legal, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), one of the first organisations of its kind in India that uses the judicial system to fight for the rights of marginalised people. CSJ first began operating through a network of law centres across Gujarat in 1993. Today, CSJ has expanded to several states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, along with working at the national level on various issues. Our centres consist of lawyers, paralegals and researchers who are passionate about making a difference. They affect change every day ensuring minorities like women, Dalits, Adivasis and other socially vulnerable groups get access to the rights guaranteed to them. We intervene at various points: from providing legal aid, helping document complaints and leading fact-findings, filing cases, contacting relevant authorities, pushing entitlement claims, spreading legal awareness, public advocacy campaigns, to training young lawyers and paralegals, identifying violations of civil liberties and serving as a watchdog for human rights abuses.

To strengthen human rights culture & an all inclusive pluralist society, free of violence, injustice, discrimination, prejudices and stereotyping.

To use law for social change to ensure access to justice to vulnerable communities and to secure social justice, equity and equality, and fraternity. To promote an enabling policy and legislative environment that respects, promotes and protects human rights of vulnerable communities.

Website/Contact Information https://www.centreforsocialjustice.net/about-us

Opportunity Details

Title of the Position: Technology Officer

Type of Opportunity: Job

Duration: two-year commitment (preferably. We can start off with one-year, don’t worry)

Location: On-site. Under special consideration, a conversation regarding a hybrid position can be had.

Role and Responsibilities

Brief Description of the Role: The person would be part of a unique interdisciplinary working group consisting of lawyers, designers and a technologist. The team would be involved in brainstorming and carrying outinnovations in the justice sector using the existing and ever-evolving field of information technology and artificial intelligence. The role would also require the person to have a holistic view of the organisation in terms of the technological needs and how the ever-growing space of technology can help the organisation reach its vision and mission.

Key Responsibilities:

To primarily help the organization in the development of various innovations in the justice space such as curated and personalised solutions like bail eligibility calculators, legal virtual assistants, personalised drafting assistants etc.

Technology Strategy:

  • Develop and implement a technology strategy aligned with the
    organization’s Access to Justice goals.

  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to identify technology needs and opportunities.
    Solution Development:

  • Design and oversee the development of technology solutions to enhance legal services and improve the efficiency of justice processes.

  • Evaluate, select, and implement software applications and tools.

  • Data Management:
    Establish and maintain effective data management practices to ensure the security, integrity, and accessibility of legal information.

  • Implement data analytics tools to derive insights and inform decision-making.

  • Collaboration:
    Collaborate with legal professionals, researchers, and external partners to identify opportunities for technological innovation in the field of access to justice.

Learning and Development Opportunities

  • Skill Development:
  • Intersectional understanding of justice, design and technology.
  • Newer technologies and techniques through our broad networks.
  • Ability to curate solutions for issues related to human rights and access to justice.

Training and Workshops:

o You can consider the entirety of your job as a training workshop since the learning at the organisation is endless! Imagine it as a paid exposure visit to a world you never imagined existed- and be sure to be a changed personality at the end of it.

Networking Opportunities:

o From Civil Society pioneers to technologists from Microsoft and Ed-tech platforms, to curators of Museums, and lawyers from all over the country.

Qualifications and Skills Required

The basic requirement is that the person should be a dreamer, someone who cares about the world, loves working in a team and has a strong desire and passion to turn unfeasible ideas into reality.

Apart from that, we are looking for someone with,
• Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Bachelor’s in Computer Applications, and related fields.
• No requirement of a proven experience in technology strategy development and implementation.
• Basic inclination towards understanding access to justice issues and a passion for leveraging technology for positive social impact.
• Desire to learn project management, system architecture, and software development methodologies.
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders.
• Knowledge of legaltech trends and emerging technologies in the access to justice space(it is okay even if you don’t. Our big network will help you get up to date in a couple of days).

Application Process

Application Deadline: 20th January

Required Application Materials: Resume, a statement of purpose as to why you are so passionate about justice that you would want to leave God’s own country(presuming you are from Kerala) for Ahmedabad and a portfolio.

Application Submission Details: (Email at adityagujarathi.csj@gmail.com)

Selection Process:

o An interview process will take place after you get shortlisted by a team of lawyer, technologist and designer.

Additional Information

Compensation and Benefits: Depends on your application and experience

Work Culture and Environment:
You can be assured that this is a fun, collaborative learning space. Having said that, we work with people at the grassroots mostly from marginalised communities and the work does get intense. Everything we do or develop always has the communities at the centre and it is a value we take seriously and is non-negotiable. If you don’t have experience in working in such conditions, do not worry, we will learn together to navigate this.

Equal Opportunity Statement:

o We are an equal opportunity organisation and committed to gender neutrality and inclusivity (we actually mean it).

Contact for Queries

Contact Person: Aditya Gujarathi

Email/Phone: adityagujarathi.csj@gmail.com 96651704

Personal Comments

I met Aditya couple of times, wonderful, humble person. You might not need to be a very expert coder to start with, but in my understanding a mindset to work with social problems and the ability to learn tech and non tech skills could be a great fit. They are Ahammedabad based org, You may start from Kerala and move when you feel comfortable is my suggestion.